The stillness that generates a pacific humanist movement thanks to the synergy of Responsible Human Beings.

There really is a fundamental human wisdom that can help us solve the problems of this world. To achieve this, we must leave behind the primitive atmosphere of fear and enter the universe of wisdom with the following values: courage, intelligent spirit, valiant and supportive heart, virtuous and responsible behavior, dignity, respect and love.

From the following, each one can see the sunshine at his/her doorstep, according to his/her own tints and tendencies, but all of us together, we want the same horizon in similar shades: we want to save our planet and our humanity!

Let’s all become Benevolent Heroes!

1, 2, 3, SOLEIL!
It’s the posing pause that we need!

The pause is the momentary stop of work and all activities, the momentary stop in action, a musical pause, a silence…
The pose is the action to settle down, to put into place; it is the attitude that one adopts or the attitude to adopt…

1,2,3, SOLEIL is the peaceful movement of Responsible and Humanist Human Beings, it is the stillness in the pause, it is the poise of the stillness, “without energies” in our actions and movements, there is no consumption nor production.

Everything thus slows down: the majority of human beings stops momentarily for 20/30 minutes/1 hour, even more on weekend days.

During the pauses of stillness, all forms of circulation cease. This means, literally and figuratively speaking, a refusal to move in the direction imposed by governments, trusts and financial lobbies as well as a refusal to go against the grain of the safeguarding and well-being of our planet and humanity.

For some, this non-acting is similar to flash strikes; for others, it takes the form of static (individual) demonstrations or collective meditations.

Every night at a specific time, we can turn off our electricity meters and cell phones for one hour and light a candle at our window.

In any case, this common protest movement is totally pacific!

This form of stillness has positive consequences: on the one hand, as an influential movement, it prompts citizens as well as European and world governments to become aware of an urgency: the urgency to conform to our will to change our way of life, consumption and production. On the other hand, it obstructs all destructive movements and programs, all forms of degradation of our humanity and our planet.

Awareness of the impending change in the motivation of our humanity means:

  • Saying no to competition, profit addiction, profitability and dividends of financial markets;
  • Saying yes to safeguarding and defending our planet and our humanity while ensuring for future generations a legacy for a sustainable and dignified quality of life.

It is an emergency: it is our survival! It should become our new motivation, a change of direction in our governance and our way of life.

1,2,3, SOLEIL is a move that develops and blossoms on a local, regional, national, European and international scales, which happens daily, several times (during day time and night time). The minimum rhythm can be twice a day, at rush hours or at other times of the day; in other words, it will be variable or even improvised…

During the weekends, these flash strikes, static demonstrations, and collective meditations can extend for longer periods (2-3-4 hours), in strategic places.

During the posing pause, everyone is free to choose one’s posture (like sit-in, statue-like pose, or in any position one wishes), animated by the resolve of being a responsible human being. During this time of silent pause, we think, we reflect, we meditate to improve our individual and collective behaviors. We deploy our wisdom and our human strength.

1,2,3, SOLEIL is an ethical movement, far from any political or religious affiliation. It is based on a constant: A POSITIVE ATTITUDE & AN ART OF LIVING that demands changes in policies, choices and lifestyles concerning:

  • The defense of our freedoms, spaces and movements
  • All forms of repression, whatever they may be
  • The immediate protection of our planet
  • The imminent will to reverse climate change
  • Poverty and hunger in the world
  • All forms of ecological and human destructions, including armed conflicts

1,2,3, SOLEIL is a pacific movement inspired by Gandhi.

His movement succeeded in stopping and bending the British Empire. We can actually do the same with the fundamental human wisdom that can help us save our humanity and our planet!

All participants in the movement must wear white clothing, or a cap, hat, scarve, armband,
etc. of white color.

Information and message alerts are posted on the 1,2,3, SOLEIL group and communication channel on Telegram application.
*1,2,3, NUAGES is the slow-motion version for those who choose it where everything happens in idle mode.



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